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Use lead-free paint in your home. Take young children for blood lead level screening at their pediatrician’s office. This is usually done around 1 to 2 years of age. Avoid areas where lead-based.

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Provide Lead Paint Pamphlet: Provide the tenant or buyer with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Pamphlet, "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home." This Pamphlet goes into great detail providing information about where lead can be found, the risks of lead-based paint and how to protect your family from lead hazards.

know your responsibilities Under Section 1018 of the Residential lead-based paint housing Reduction Act of 1992, sellers or lessors of pre-1978 housing must provide the lessee or buyer with all known information about lead-based paint and any hazards (if known)

Lead based substances on interior or exterior surfaces that are subject to abrasion or friction or subject to damage by repeated impact. The presence of lead based substances on chewable, accessible, horizontal surfaces that protrude more than 1/2 inch and are located more than 6 inches but, less than 4 feet from the floor or ground.

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What responsibilities about disclosing lead in a rental property does a landlord. a landlord must disclose any known lead-based paint or lead hazards on the. As a tenant, you have the right know if your rental has any possible health or.

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