That’s the charitable trust that at one time owned most of the homes and commercial properties in Hildale, Utah, and adjoining Colorado City, Ariz. What’s next for a polygamous sect’s old land trust and why Utah should care – The Salt Lake Tribune

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Not only would the principles of the pending law permit polygamy in the territories, but, as Senator Truman Smith pointed out, Utah could apply for statehood with a constitution sanctioning plural marriage, and Congress would have no alternative but to admit her.

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Top 5 Land Trust Mistakes Tag: polygamy. Local News. 2 utah polygamous group members plead guilty in $511 million tax scheme.. autopsy report confirms 5-year-old Colorado City boy’s cause of death. Nov 3rd, 2015

Utah took control of a trust containing many FLDS members' homes.. of Utah, oversized houses stand testament to a fundamentalist Mormon sect whose. or are what the church calls “stacked up” in crowded, cramped homes.. like toilet paper, laundry detergent, things I need to take care of my family.”.

Why is Polygamy an Issue Today? When we first turned our attention to the subject of polygamy for our fourth documentary film, Lifting the Veil of Polygamy , we had been asking the same question. After all, wasn’t it just a minor relic of Mormonism’s past, and today only practiced by a small handful of fringe sect members?

What's next for a polygamous sect's old land trust and why Utah should care. C. Comments. Reader comments on are the opinions of the writer, not.

Comments for What’s next for a polygamous sect’s old land trust and why Utah should care Comments: What’s next for a polygamous sect’s old land trust and why Utah should care – The Salt.

This Sunday, Mormon leaders in the Seattle North Stake will roll out the red carpet for their LGBT brothers and sisters, many of whom have shied away from the Church because of its official stance.