The pair believe that the 37th latitude line is a kind of UFO. of cases along the line include the Joplin Spook Lights – unexplained balls of light that have been appearing in Hornet, Missouri.

The most spectacular mass appearance of UFOs in U.S. history took place over the skies of Farmington, New Mexico in March of 1950. It happened for three consecutive days. The so-called 1997 Phoenix sightings pale in comparison to what happened in the town, not too far from the Four Corners area.

The Farmington, New Mexico UFO armada case When we see the word armada most of us will imagine a fleet of warships on the open waters. However, over a three-day period in 1950 in Farmington, New Mexico, in broad daylight, no less, over a thousand residents of the area witnessed instead, a fleet of "flying saucers" – anywhere from 200 to 500 in total – hovering and maneuvering in the skies above them.

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Local press heavily featured the Farmington Armada incident a day after it happened, but only 65 years after an in-depth research into the northwest New Mexico took place. David Marler recently presented details about an investigation of the incident for the New Mexico Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network, which was the first public lecture on the subject.

The Farmington Armada incident got a lot of local press at the time, but it took 65 years before there was in-depth research into the northwest New Mexico phenomenon.David Marler said his presentation.

THE FARMINGTON CASE, HOWEVER, DOES NOT CONCLUSIVELY PROVE THAT WE HAVE BEEN (OR, ARE BEING) VISITED BY PHYSICAL EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN PHYSICAL EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACECRAFT. Nevertheless, that was what I call a sighting, indeed!! Yes, the most spectacular mass appearance of UFOs in U.S. history took place over the skies of Farmington, New Mexico in March of 1950. It happened for three consecutive days.

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Behind the Flying Saucers: The Truth about the Aztec UFO Crash Paperback. who offers his opinions on the affair and on the so-called Farmington Armada; black-budget ops; and the question of: Why New Mexico?. and Art Campbell speaks about both the case, other reported New Mexico events, and the Eisenhower met aliens story of 1954. "So, all.

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