Moving to Colorado can be your lifetime opportunity for an exciting and much needed change in your life. And to help you make the right decision, we have done an extensive and time-consuming research and have compiled a comprehensive list of solid and indisputable reasons why moving to Denver, Colorado Springs or any other great city in the state of Colorado could be the best thing that ever.

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Why do so many people continue to move to Colorado? There are plenty of reasons, as we all know. But two in particular are dollars and cents.

Why is everyone so mean here? What should I do to make friends? (I am trying to get work elsewhere but my circumstances leave me stranded here. Most Coloradans respond with a "please move" (which is a fucked up thing to say) if you don’t like the state, but I really can’t.)

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Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. For the most part people in Denver are pretty relaxed about this state of affairs. Next Steps. Now that you’ve decided to move to Denver, one tip you may consider is funding your move with a 0% APR credit card. This will allow you to defer the cost of your move for 12, 15 or.

Because Colorado is the state of oil and outdoor. Colorado has the lowest percentage (17%) of obese population in the United States (36%). Colorado, with its beautiful mountain peaks, vast planes and deep forests provides its people with multiple.

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But it demonstrates that Colorado is a forward thinking state (and when you come from a Republican dominated state like mine, its very refreshing), open to new economic opportunities. It also put Colorado on the national map and made everyone interested in the state, so those who had just a passing idea of what Colorado is now are researching it.

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To be fair guys. When I was assigned this article the title they gave me was "30 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Denver". That is why the street sweeping and other random things are in there. If I knew it was going to be the reasons one should move here, the list would have been a bit different.